Our Commitment to Quality

At Professional Hardwood Flooring, we believe our customers deserve the best floors we can provide.  That's why we only use a select set of finishes and stains - those that have reliably given our customers the results they have desired and the durability that we will stand by.

Water Based Finishes

StreetShoe 234

StreetShoe Waterbased Wood Floor Finish

The fastest-curing finish on the market, StreetShoe is the industry benchmark for waterbased finishes. Available in four sheens. Ideal for all commercial, sports and residential applications.

Bona TrafficHD 234

Bona Traffic HD

GreenGuard Bona Traffic is our premium finish product. It provides a beautiful finish with top certified air quality.

Oil Based Finishes

Fabulon Poly 234

Fabulon Polyurethane

Fabulon made its first floor finish in 1934 when it finished bowling lanes, and began making consumer floor finishes in 1977.

Dura Seal

DuraSeal Polyurethane

Available in matte, satin, semigloss and high gloss.



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